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Inside The Predictable Growth Academy you'll learn how to build an effective marketing strategy that creates predictable business growth.

What's inside The Predictable Growth Academy?

The Academy Launches 07/02/22

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Are you a business owner or leader?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then The Predictable Growth Academy is 100% going to help you. Guaranteed!

The Academy has been designed to take you through the process of creating a rock solid marketing strategy from Setting the right foundations, to taking Action and then Scaling your business (the S.A.S. approach).

The predictable growth academy teaches the same methods i use to get results for my clients

The Predictable Growth Academy has been designed using the exact same methods I use to grow my clients’ businesses. You’ll learn the frameworks and models I use to build solid foundations using marketing best practices.

I’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, and instead guide you to create a successful marketing strategy for your business.

The Academy will help you create brilliant marketing to attract new prospects and customers. In particular it will help you:

Introducing the S.A.S. Growth model

Inside The Academy you’ll learn my proven growth model – S.A.S. – you’ll learn how to setup your marketing correctly, take action and implement a plan to drive your business awareness and then know how to scale once you understand what’s driving your growth.




What do you get inside The predictable growth academy?

Special One Off Academy Launch offer:

Normal Academy Price £997

Save £300 and pay just £697 (no VAT)

who is the predictable growth academy for?

  • Business leaders

    The Marketing Academy isdesigned to help Business leaders better understand marketing principles so they're better place to get the most from their marketing.

  • Business owners

    Running a business can be a scary place. You're the master of your ship, but often have to do everything to keep it sailing in the right direction. The Marketing Academy will help you understand what you need to do to market your business effectively, taking a little pressure off your shoulders.

  • Start-up businesses

    Starting up a business can often mean making lots of mistakes, which let's face it is all part of the journey right? The Marketing Academy will help you keep those mistakes down to a minimum, meaning you'll not waste precious time and budget on ineffective marketing.

  • Marketing Assistants

    Do you have a rising marketing star in your business that could do with mentoring or training correctly? The Marketing Academy is a great place for your Marketing Assistant to get trained and developed, helping you market your business better.

  • Virtual Assistants

    As a Virtual Assistant you need to be highly skilled in multiple disciplines to help your clients. You're likely very good in lots of areas but lack the strategic knowledge to bring it all together. The Marketing Academy will fill those gaps and make you a better overall marketer for your clients.

  • Web Design agency owners

    Why not add another string to your bow as a web design agency? As a web designer you're at the execution end of marketing and the sucess or failure of their website will be largely down to how it's marketed. Why not tip the odds in your clients favour by learning more about effective marketing techniques to help them get the most from their website?

What will you learn in the predictable growth academy?

Module 1 - Business objectives & foundations

  • Setting marketing objectives
  • What KPIs to measure
  • Setting up a daily/weekly  tracker
  • Must have digital tools
  • The marketing funnel introduction

In the first module, I'll help you nail your objectives to make sure you're focused and heading in the right direction.

Module 2 - Knowing your customer

  • Customer personas made simple
  • Pains, gains and jobs
  • Creating your value proposition

In module three we'll start to understand your ideal customer and their problems that need solving.

Module 3 - Nailing your story & messaging

  • Crafting your brand story
  • Create your simple one liner
  • The 10 questions you need to nail

In module four i'll walk you through a simple framework I use to create a compelling story for your brand. This will become the cornerstone of your messaging.

Module 4 - Creating distinctive brand assets

  • Distinctive brand assets
  • The 7/11/4 formula
  • The 7 Videos your business needs
  • Content repurposing explained

Module five is about creating brand assets that attract and nurture your ideal customers to become buyers of your product or service.

Module 5 - Making your website sales optimised

  • Sales optimised website wireframe
  • Using your brand story on your website
  • Call to action

In this module i'll help you understand the difference between a passive brochure website, and one that actually converts clicks into enquiries and sales.

Module 6 - Creating your lead magnet

  • Lead magnet brainstorming
  • Creating your lead magnet
  • Your email nurturing sequence follow-up
  • Choosing & setting up your CRM system

Not everyone is ready to buy just yet, so having a good lead magnet will help you build an email list. This module walks you through the steps to creating and marketing one.

Module 7 - Content marketing

  • Hero, Help, Hub content framework explained
  • The 5Es of social media
  • Scheduling tools to save time

Social media is an incredible vehicle for your content, your content should solve problems for your ideal customer. In this module i'll walk you through a simple way of creating content 'pillars'

Module 8 - Reputation management

  • Review platforms
  • Creating a simple review process
  • Repurposing reviews

In this final module I'll help you set up a simple process for getting reviews for your product or service, and how to re-use these to win new customers. 

Module 9 - Your one page strategy & plan

In this final module we'll package everything up that we've learned over the last 9 weeks and create your simple to follow and execute 'one page marketing strategy & plan'.

Frequently asked questions

I'll be opening registration to the first cohort in December. The Predictable Growth Academy is scheduled to start in the second week of January 2022 when we'll kick off with our first module. It will continue for ten weeks when the programme will come to an end. However, you'll have lifetime access to all course materials.

I've created The Marketing Academy to help business owners get better at their marketing. This programme is for you if you run a small or medium sized business, have either no internal marketing team, or a small team and you want to understand about marketing best practice, fundamentals and want to learn new techniques.

The programme is a blend of pre-recorded videos, mixed with live video calls where you can ask questions about each module. You'll also get extra support in the private Facebook Group that accompanies the academy.

I'm still working on pricing as I want to pitch it at both an affordable cost, but also one that means I can dedicate time to your learning in The Marketing Academy to make sure you get the most from the 10 week programme. Pricing will be released shortly, but if you pre-register your interest you will get a preferential rate.

Absolutely! The Predictable Growth Academy will help you become an even better marketer by showing you how to put together an effective marketing strategy and plan. It will help to bring together your existing knowledge, and thread it together with the right strategic approach.

I can't guarantee the exact results you'll get as it's reliant on the effort YOU put in. However, if at the end of the 10 weeks, having gone through each module you feel you haven't had the value you were expecting, i'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Learn how to get better quality leads

Don't take my word for it! read what my clients and previous workshop attendees say...

grow your audience to grow your business

actual results from my clients

So why should you trust me and join The Marketing Academy? Below are just some of the results I get for clients using the same programme that I’ll be taking you through in The Marketing Academy.

A word of warning though. Results don’t happen overnight, there’s no silver bullet, but if you follow my programme and do what I’ll teach you consistently, you can achieve the results you need to grow your business.

Plumbing & heating Business


Global Training Company

increase in email list size year on year

Mortgage Broker Business

leads from google my business in one month

Meet Your predictable marketing academy host - Steve mark

Agency Owner & Experienced Board Level Marketing Professional

Hi there, I’m Steve, and I’ll be your host and trainer inside The Marketing Academy for the next ten weeks. Rather than give you war and peace about me, here’s a quick summary of why you should help me make you a better marketer:


"I’ve been working with Steve and his agency since the summer of 2019 when he facilitated a strategy day for us. Since then he has diligently assisted Your Excellency in executing the marketing strategy. Despite the challenges that the pandemic presented to the business in 2020 he has supported our pivot as an online virtual academy. His marketing strategies have helped us traverse the challenges of 2020 and ensure we’re prepared for further growth of the business in 2021. Steve is knowledegable, personable and has a passion for collaborative success."
Malcolm Taylor, Co-Director, Your Excellency Ltd

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