Grow With Steve #5 – Do you measure ANY of your marketing activity?

If you answered no, welcome to the majority of business owners! Not unexpected as we have a lot to be doing running our business, but at some point you need to think about measuring your marketing. It doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds Tracking a few simple metrics can help you gain […]

Grow With Steve #4 – Have you heard of the 7/11/4 formula?

It’s a great strategy for B2B and B2C companies to grow their sales by ensuring prospects have lots of available content to dine on while they make up their minds. We know for a fact that in the B2B world, probably 3-5% of prospects are in market right now, which means a high proportion of […]

The Messy Middle is Where The Customer Is Won…And Lost

We like to think the customer journey is linear. However, research shows that consumers often get stuck in what Google calls ‘the messy middle’ – that part of the funnel where the consumer can often go AWOL for periods of time. Unless you have a healthy supply of both brand and content assets to keep […]