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sipp wine are the UK’s most loved monthly wine subscription service, rated the highest on Trustpilot for customer service. As a business sipp has been blazing a trail in the wine industry by developing technologies that make enjoying wine an experience.

With a class leading app and Alexa skill sipp is carving out a niche in the highly competitive wine industry, where simply selling great wine is not enough.

The wine industry is perfectly placed for disruption and sipp are doing their bit to be at the forefront of this with a brand that appeals to a younger demographic than some of its rivals.

The brand is now is good shape and with further investment is ready to take the next step to gain further market share and grow it’s customer base across the UK.


My role

Working with sipp from December 2018 to November 2019 I faced a number of challenges early on in the role of Marketing Director.

  • Consistency of the brand
  • High customer churn rate
  • High cost of acquiring new customers
  • Poor on site conversion rates
With a limited budget and resource I created a strategy and plan to deal with each of the key strategic problems.
Over a period of 11 months I worked with the team to put disciplines in place that measured and tracked performance. A new agile way of working meant iterative improvements to the online experience
increased conversion rates.

With a new brand book created the consistency of how the brand appeared online was also brought under control, alongside this a tone of voice guide ensured consistency in the written word for the brand.


  • Established key marketing disciplines including daily and monthly tracking and measurement processes
  • Introduced sipp wine to growth hacking techniques to improve website customer journey
  • Improved website conversion rate by 697% as a result of continuous testing and iterative improvements
  • Reduced cost of customer acquisition by 83% by working closely with retained PPC agency
  • Developed new customer personas to aid targeting on Facebook ads and in turn improve CPC (cost per click) rates
  • Directed new series of wine tasting videos responsible for reducing paid advertising costs (see below)
  • Developed new brand guidelines and tone of voice guide with designer giving consistency to the brand on all touch points


“Steve started working with sipp in December 2018. We needed to improve the consistency of our brand presentation across multiple channels as well as drive improvements to our cost of acquisition and retention.

Steve made an impression very quickly by putting in place key processes and systems to help us drive significant improvement on our key metrics. During the last year with Steve’s help we have seen huge efficiencies and savings in our marketing costs and improving sales.

What impressed me with Steve was his capacity to adapt to our fluctuating budget changes due to fund raising challenges. Steve had single handedly developed a strong content marketing strategy to enable us to achieve a great level of communication with our customers base both pre and post purchase. As a result we are now the highest rated online wine company online on trustpilot.

I would definitely recommend Steve’s services to anyone looking to make improvements to their brand, marketing and sales. On a personal level, I enjoyed working with Steve who has demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. I look forward to working with him again in the future”

Moez Seraly, Founder and CEO, sipp wine

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