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Read some of our success stories of clients that can now predictably grow their businesses having used our Predictable Growth System.

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Have a read through a few of our recent case studies to understand some of the challenges fellow business leaders are having, our solutions and the results and outcomes.

three times growth in 12 months

Videtta Heating & Plumbing

the problem

When I met Jordan for a coffee in March 2020 he had no local digital footprint but wanted to scale his business. He had no website, social media or predictable lead pipeline. His sole source of leads was recommendation, enough to sustain him, but not enough to be able to grow a scalable business.

the solution

I used my proven B2C marketing programme that starts with having a sales optimised website, there’s no point spending money if you’ve not fixed the leaky boat! I then developed a strategy that grew his local digital presence over six months, building his reputation along the way with dozens of five star customer reviews.

the result

Jordan’s business now ranks on page one and in the lucrative Google Maps listing for most of his primary keywords. Alongside his strong SEO presence we have built a solid predictable and profitable leads pipeline with Google Ads. The result is a marketing machine that delivers 80-100 leads per month, empowering Jordan to make informed decisions about the growth of his business.

"Steve and his team have been working with Videtta Heating & Plumbing since February 2020 helping with our overall strategy and marketing.

In that time his skills and expertise in marketing have seen us massively increase our leads, and as a result has increased our revenue, enabling us to take on more engineers.

Steve has also helped us integrate a new CRM system and job management tool in the business to handle leads and has also overseen the adoption of our finance offering for customers.

I would not hesitate in recommending Steve and his services to any business looking to grow online, we look forward to continuing our great working relationship together."

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DSC_5277-Edit (1)

"I approached Steve in October 2020 about helping us generate mortgage leads having grown frustrated at the lack of quality through other channels.

From the start of the project Steve has demonstrated considerable expertise and is already producing impressive results. He is extremely thorough and demonstrates expertise in both technical/IT and marketing side of the business.

It has been a pleasure in working working with Steve and I look forward to continuing to work with him for a long time to come.

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Warmer leads through a predictable pipeline

Kytson Mortgages & Finance

the problem

Darren approached me in October 2020 wanting better quality leads, and a predictable lead pipeline that would allow him to grow his mortgage broker business. The leads he was buying had a poor conversion rate, and were expensive.

the solution

I took time to understand more about Darren’s business and what made him unique in a crowded market.

I decided to position Kytson as the local mortgage specialist in Oxfordshire, something that prospects value is dealing locally, espeically when they’re searching for a local service.

Having established his position, I created several Google Ads campaigns targeting key towns and cities in Oxfordshire, directing the traffic to a high performing landing page, designed to convert traffic into warm leads.

the result

Darren now has a predictable leads pipeline that he can control. A year on and Darren knows exactly what he’s spending on his marketing and the results it’s bringing to his business. he can predict with a fair degree of accuracy how much each lead costs, allowing him to know what he needs to invest to scale his business further.

Exponential prospect list growth in 18 months

Your Excellency Limited

the problem

When I met with Lindsay and Malcolm their story was a familiar one. They had experienced growth organically through great networking and word of mouth, but they weren’t getting results from their website.

They also didn’t have a cohesive marketing strategy or funnel that brought them a regular supply of new prospects.

the solution

In the summer of 2019 I held a one day strategy workshop with Lindsay & Malcolm to really dive deep into their business, including looking at their products, ideal customer and what was working well for them.

Initially, I revamped their website and created a mobile responsive website that fully reflected their offering. I also built in the ability for them to capture initial interest from their target audience, something they had previously been unable to do.

As well as capturing interest, I also helped them establish their first CRM system (ActiveCampaign) and now this is the beating heart of their business. They now regularly grow their database by 150 to 200 prospects every month. With the CRM system, they now nurture prospects with regular newsletters, updates, and a podcast.

the result

With a cohesive marketing strategy in place, and despite trading through a pandemic where their business was severely hampered, Your Excellency has gone from a challenger brand in their market, to arguably the brand leader through consistent, targeted marketing.

Together we have successfully launched a new flagship training product that is being sold globally, the first of its kind in their market.

Whilst still suffering turbulence from the fallout of the pandemic, they have a strong prospect database and have sold out every cohort of their flagship training product since launching in February 2021.

"I’ve been working with Steve and his agency since the summer of 2019 when he facilitated a strategy day for us. Since then he has diligently assisted Your Excellency in executing the marketing strategy.

Despite the challenges that the pandemic presented to the business in 2020 he has supported our pivot as an online virtual academy.

His marketing strategies have helped us traverse the challenges of 2020 and ensure we’re prepared for further growth of the business in 2021.

Steve is knowledgeable, personable and has a passion for collaborative success. I recommend you contact Steve if you too want to be successful."

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