6 Things To Stop Doing in Your Marketing in 2020

6 Things To Stop Doing in Your Marketing in 2020

As we near the end of 2020 there’s lots of articles covering which trends to take advantage of in 2020. So, rather than duplicate what’s already out there I thought I’d share what you should STOP doing in 2020.

Choosing what to do and crucially what NOT to do is a critical part of strategy, so sit back, grab yourself a coffee and be sure to stop doing these things in order to be more effective at marketing your business next year.

1. Stop trying to market to everyone.

The mistake lots of businesses make is trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, why not pick your audience and make sure your marketing focuses on talking directly to their pain and needs? Everything from the message to creatives should be talking directly to them and only them. You’ll see your conversions increase and cost of acquisition fall by being targeted.

2. Stop ignoring voice as a marketing channel.

Voice is only going to get bigger as an opportunity for business owners, so it’s about time you started to think how you can weave it into your business. Google Assistant and Alexa are dominating both the home and when we’re on the move more and more. Could you develop a Google action or Alexa skill that helps your customers? Lots of brands are now creating skills that make their customers lives easier. What can you do?

3. Stop being boring!

We’ve reached a point where we’re saturated with content in all formats – blogs, printed word, video, audio etc. With so much content available to us on tap you need to think about how you can stand out from the crowd. Stop being safe, and instead try to create content that’s bold, different and is thumb stopping. I’ve seen some really creative uses of TikTok recently that’s being shared on traditionally B2B based platforms like LinkedIn. Time to get bold and take some risks with your content marketing!

4. Stop taking yourself too seriously.

Not too dissimilar to number three above. Don’t be afraid of taking off the mask of business and be yourself. It’s a great way of filtering out those who you won’t do business with anyway, so in the long run it will save you time and money. It’s still very much people buy from people they know, like and trust. So, in order to connect with your target audience, be yourself and don’t take any of it too seriously.

5. Stop trying to be perfect, just get it done!

Perfection is just another word for procrastination. Unless you’re a surgeon or a lawyer, stop trying to make everything perfect. Get started NOW and get perfect LATER! Better to test something, see if it works, then improve it later, than spend days, weeks or months of time only to realise it’s not going to work. Trust me, done is better than perfect!

6. Stop focusing on vanity metrics that don’t matter.

To be fair, this could make the list every year. With so many shiny and sexy tools it’s easy to get distracted with metrics that don’t matter. Followers, likes, visits etc. are all vanity metrics. They mean nothing and are only relative to you. Instead, pick one metric that matters the most to your business and focus on that. It could be widgets sold, profit per customer, cost of acquisition, profit per unit, lifetime value of the customer – anything that has a direct correlation to your bottom line. Facebook likes mean shit if no one is buying from you.

That’s it, my top 6 things you should stop doing in your marketing in 2020. In fact, why not stop them now?

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