7 + 1 ideas to improve your landing page conversion rates

Want more sales or enquiries from your website? 🤷‍♂️

Do these SEVEN things to your product or service pages and you will 100% see improvements in leads

(How many are you doing right now on your pages?)

1. Strong headline

Have a headline that is a unique value proposition, not a simple “Welcome to…” – have something that calls out why you and the main benefit you’re offering.

2. Social proof

Include social proof that shows you can deliver on your promise. Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and even comments posts on social from your client are perfect

3. Easy to follow plan

You have a simple 3 or 4 step plan for how people can work with you. For example Step 1 Book a discovery call, Step 2 – We listen and work out a winning approach, and Step 3 – We get you on the road to growth

4. Clear understanding of success

Make sure you make it clear what working with you looks like. For example, include a short bulleted list of the outcome of working with you – keep things short and to the point.

5. Consistent calls to action

Make sure your call to action is repeated consistently down the page, and make sure that any phone number is tappable on mobile, and buttons have a clear CTA i.e. GET A FREE QUOTE – avoid wishy-washy phrases like FIND OUT MORE

6. Build authority

Use content that builds your authority – this includes trades association membership logos and those of high profile clients you work or have worked with. This builds authority quickly.

7. Include video

Include some video on the page. People love to see faces and real people, and video helps build rapport faster than pages of text. Also, video increases dwell time on your site, something Google loves and will reward you for 👍

8. BONUS – Avoid stock photos!

And a BONUS tip… Avoid using stock photos where you can. Instead invest a little budget in a good photoshoot of you, your team, and your place of work.

Follow these 7 + 1 tips and trust me, you will 100% see an increase in conversions on your website.

How many of these are you doing?

(Full transparency…I only score about a 4 or 5 but make sure my clients are scoring a 7 or 8 👍)



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