Ten effective ways to handle negative customer online reviews

In business, negative online reviews can become a valuable tool for receiving feedback and engaging with customers. Rather than take the negative reviews personally, you can use these moments to show your true colours as a business that cares about customer satisfaction. It’s easy to be kind and helpful when things are going well, but […]

What is image SEO and why does it matter?

Do you want to give your SEO a real boost? Start optimizing images with alt tags and making sure you have content filled with responsive images. Google image search is a powerful tool that you can use to your advantage with just a few easy optimizations geared towards image SEO. Over 20% of all search […]

How to create mobile-friendly content for your website

We’re all reading, working, buying, and learning more and more on our mobile devices as we run around with our busy lives. Rarely are we on our desktop computers anymore.  This is why it’s important that content on your website is mobile-optimised to reach the growing number of mobile users in your local area. As […]

Google’s vicinity update and what it means for your business

If you’re a local business owner that has SEO as part of your marketing strategy, you may have noticed some recent fluctuations in your business’s rankings on Google. At the end of 2021, Google confirmed that it rolled out a major update to their algorithm known as the ‘Vicinity’ update. The last Google update that […]

How and why you should add Google reviews to your website

If you’re a small business owner, you’re aware that Google reviews are an important part of your online presence. Google reviews help you increase your business’s visibility and credibility, and they can also help you get more leads and customers. If you have a great reputation online with positive Google reviews from happy customers, you […]