Grow With Steve #1 – What’s the one thing on your website?

Welcome to the first official Grow With Steve weekly newsletter.

The idea of this newsletter is simple – to get you thinking about a different aspect of your marketing every week, and to share a nugget of advice that will help you grow your business.

In this first edition I wanted to ask you a simple question…

What’s the one thing your website exists for?

If I was to visit your website what would you want me to do?

  • Call you?
  • Fill in an enquiry form?
  • Book a call with you?
  • Join your email list?
  • Join your Facebook group?
  • Buy a product?

Any of the above are perfectly legitimate calls to action, but is it clear on your website what your one thing is?

If you’re trying to force too many calls to action upon your site visitor you could be losing them before you begin. Instead, my advice is to focus on a single call to action and be consistent with this through the journey of your website.

If you visit my website you’ll see the single call to action I have on my site is to book a call with me. That’s it, and that’s all I want people to do, which is why is repeated multiple times on each page.

What are transitional and direct calls to action?

Now, let me explain something. It’s OK to have a transitional call to action as well as a direct to call action. In fact in the B2B world it’s vital. But, what’s the difference I hear you say?

Transitional call to action = Lead bait that encourages someone to give you their details in exchange for something free, but this is not a qualified lead but someone that has expressed an interest in what you have to offer. Examples of transitional calls to action include:

  • eBook
  • Newsletter invite
  • Scorecard / quiz
  • Facebook group invite
  • Brochure download

Direct call to action = An action that involves someone contacting you about your product or service with an intention of having a conversation, for example a booked meeting or phone call. Examples of a direct call to action include:

  • Call button
  • Quote form
  • Book a meeting button

By having a transitional call to action as well as a direct call to action you are making the most of potential website traffic. Someone that is merely doing research, but not ready to buy yet, has an opportunity to leave you their details. And in turn, you have an opportunity to continue the conversation with them with a newsletter or other free value added advice.

What action can you take now?

My advice would be to look at your website through the eyes of a potential customers.

  1. Is it clear what I want people to do when they visit my website
  2. Is it consistently signposted through my website?
  3. Do I have a transitional call to action as well as direct?

So, what’s the one thing you want your website visitors to do when they visit your website?

Look out for edition #2 of Grow With Steve next week where I’ll be discussing the importance of having evergreen assets in your marketing. I plan to send these every Sunday to give you a little something to think about in the week ahead. If you don’t want to receive my free weekly Grow With Steve marketing nugget, feel free to hit the unsubscribe link (I won’t be offended!).

Thanks for reading!