Grow With Steve #10

How did I help a client sell £15k of training last week?

This week I wanted to share how I helped one of my clients sell over £10k of training.

The client in question sell premium, accredited training courses to their clients, each course is anything from £1300 – £2000, so not something that people buy every day, and certainly not an impulse purchase.

“When fishermen can’t fish, they mend their nets”

I love this quote, as it applies to so many disciplines in life.

In marketing terms, I believe it to mean that when times are quiet, you resort to doing the basics to build even more solid foundations for your business.

During the pandemic, this training company client suffered from cuts to training budgets and a tight reign on household spending – hitting their sales hard.

Instead of putting the breaks on we actually RAMPED UP the marketing effort and built the biggest list of ideal prospects in their sector, outstripping even organisers of large conferences and events.

Now, eighteen months on and they have a warm list of prospects that has grown by over 600% since March 2020.

What this means is that when they want to launch a new training product or course, as they did in February this year, they have a warm list of their ideal prospect to market it too.

The tactic and steps that helped them sell £15k worth of training last week

Here’s the exact process we went through to ensure they came out of the pandemic a much stronger business.

Step 1 – We identified the pain/problems of your ideal customer and made sure this guided our content and following steps.

Step 2 – We created content that helped them overcome problems and pains – podcast, ebooks, blogs and guides.

Step 3 – We nurtured them with ongoing great value content that keeps them warm – a weekly email newsletter that built the know, like and trust fo the business and people within it.

Step 4 – We invited them to free events to continue to build know, like and trust fast – this was an ‘Open Lunch’ event that added value and talked about the programmes my client offers.

Step 5 – We created an irresistible offer that helped to create a ‘no brainer’ situation in the mind of our target audience. The offer was time sensitive too which created an added sense of FOMO.

Step 6 – We showed them the outcomes they desired. By using previous clients that had experienced the kind of shift that the audience was seeking we were able to demonstrate the ability to deliver on the promises.

Step 7 – We followed up. As most people don’t buy on the first, second or third interaction we made sure we followed up with reminders of why they joined the event in the first place.

This is obviously a very much condensed step by step process, but if you follow it and apply it in your B2B business you will generate sales.

As with most marketing strategies and tactics, this is a process that takes months to put in place, but once it’s built it will provide a steady stream of sales in the future.

There are no silver bullets in marketing. So be patient!

I hope you enjoyed my latest Grow With Steve Edition #10.