Grow With Steve #2 – How evergreen are your assets?

This week I wanted to discuss the topic of “evergreen assets” and why they’re so important as part of your overall marketing strategy and if you do this right, it can make a massive difference to your revenue and profitability.

What is an evergreen asset?

Well, as the name suggests, an evergreen asset is a piece of content that holds its relevance and importance over time. Meaning that it’s as relevant to your ideal audience today as it will be in six months or a year, or even longer.

Why is it important to have evergreen assets?

Evergreen assets are an important part of your marketing strategy as they fill the void between awareness and decision in your marketing funnel (see below). We’re interested in the two stages of the funnel – interest and decision – both critical steps on the road for prospects to become customers.

  • Awareness – Campaigns to reach your target audience
  • Interest – Content that helps to ‘put you in the mix’ of potential suppliers
  • Decision – Content that helps your ideal customer to buy from you
  • Purchase – Prospects become a customer

After your ideal client has become aware of your business, you need content assets that they can consume as part of their research into why they should choose you.

The idea of evergreen assets is that they are ‘always on’ even when you’re not around or sleeping. They’re pieces of content that prospects can consume and help them move down through the funnel and help them decide to work with you, or at least make an enquiry.

What are examples of evergreen assets?

To be considered an evergreen asset it needs to pass the test of being as relevant today as it will be in six or twelve months. Here’s a few examples of evergreen content you could create for your ideal audience:

  • Frequently asked questions – the most common, and one of the most important evergreen assets is the trusty FAQ section. As well as being loved by Google for SEO, FAQs also offer a great resource to potential customers.
  • Explainer videos – Also known as “how to” videos these are great at building trust with your ideal customer quickly. As well as answering questions they might have prior to working with you, they can also be repurposed in many other places like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Case studies – Showing potential customers what it’s like working with you is the most powerful of evergreen assets. Your job as is to demonstrate the outcome of what you to potential customers and there’s no better way than creating a series of case studies that can also feature video.
  • Podcasts – Another evergreen content type that I love is podcasts. They can really grow your authority in your industry fast, the alternative to operating your own podcast is to be a guest on others, offering you the same ability to grow your authority and get yourself in front of others’ audiences.
  • Scorecard/quiz/calculator – The final evergreen asset we’ll talk about is having a scorecard. It’s a great way to have an asset that will also act as a lead generator, bringing you highly qualified warm leads. Essentially a scorecard is a tool that gives prospects a free report based on the answers to a set of questions.

Why you should look at evergreen assets as an investment

Investing in a series of evergreen assets is a very smart decision, and despite the fact you may well invest a few hundred or even thousands of pounds in evergreen assets, the cost will be divided over the amount of time they stay alive.

For example, if you spend £1000 on some ‘how to’ videos or a short infomercial for your business, and that video is around in two years time, its cost you less than £50 a month.