Grow With Steve #3 – What’s Your Hero Moment?

In this week’s Grow With Steve #3 weekly newsletter, I wanted to share a really simple way to come up with content ideas for your social media and website to help you connect with your ideal target audience.

For years I’ve used a simple method for both segmenting contents, and to help brainstorm enough content ideas for weeks and months – and in fact, some of this content will still be alive in years to come.

The method I use is called Hero, Help, Hub. It allows you to create ‘pillars’ where you can place certain content themes. In this week’s Grow With Steve I’ll walk you through each one, with a few ideas on what content you can create under each pillar.

1. Hero content

Hero content is about having one or two ‘go big or go home’ moments in your business every year or half-year. Hero moments for your business could be:

  • The launch of a new product or service
  • Celebrating winning an award
  • Attendance at an Expo
  • Launch of a new advertisement or campaign
  • New brand launch

With Hero content moments you really want to be investing at least 50% of your time and budget to maximise the opportunity and ensure your hero moment really gets you the visibility and awareness it deserves.

2. Help content

As it says in the tin, Help content is about creating assets that actively help your customers in a number of ways:

  • Help them achieve a goal or task
  • Help them make a decision about using your services

You should have a healthy spread of Help content available 24/7 on a variety of platforms including social media, YouTube and your website. Examples of Help content include:

  • Frequently asked questions page
  • Downloadable guides
  • Free ebooks
  • “How-to” videos
  • Blog content

Help content is typically what is being searched for by your target market prior to them becoming aware of your business, this is an opportunity for you to provide upfront value and quickly gain the trust of your target customer.

3. Hub content

Finally, we have Hub content. This relates to content that helps amplify your brand and bring awareness to your target market. Hub content examples include:

  • Regular video series
  • Client case studies
  • Podcasts
  • Consistent social media posts
  • Sponsorship

Hub content also helps to build rapport, trust, and authority with your target market.

Here’s one of the most helpful diagrams that explain the content framework in more detail…

Hero, help, hub framework

What next?

So, now you know about the Hero, Help and Hub content framework, how could you adopt this in your business?

  1. What HERO moments have you got coming up in the next 3-6 months?
  2. What HELP content are your customers looking for to help them solve a problem?
  3. What regular HUB content can you create that amplifies your brand and raises your awareness

Answer these three questions and you’ll have dozens of pieces of content ideas to help you power up your content that will ultimately help you grow your business this year.