Grow With Steve #6 – Content Creation Hack

In this weeks Grow With Steve I wanted to share a really simple content planning hack that I learnt a few years ago, and one that has served me well when thinking of what to write about for my audience.

If I ever struggle to think about what content to create for social media or my website, I always come back to this really simple content framework…

Content Planning Framework

Looking at the above, this simple framework gets you thinking about three keys content pillars:

  1. Your company
  2. Your company
  3. The world around you

Let’s take a look at each layer of the framework…

Your company

What can you write about related to your company that your target audience will find interesting and engage with?

I’ve got a client this week that is celebrating the 100th edition of her Lunch N Learn email – I suggested to her that she might want to order three foil balloons to make up 100 and share an image of her with the balloons and share some stats on her newsletter.

This makes for a very visual piece of content that I’m certain will draw a hefty amount of engagement. But what else could you write about?

  • Awards nominations
  • Business expo appearance
  • New employee
  • Employee award
  • New product or service

There’s so much you can write about your business, the above are just a few ideas. Could you do a regular ‘day in the life’ series for instance? Or perhaps features some of your employees and their story?

Your industry

The second layer of this content framework forces you to look at what’s happening in your industry, and create and share content related to your industry. This could be:

  • Changes to legislation that could affect your customers
  • New innovations in your industry
  • Industry related podcasts or articles
  • National days in your industry

The world around you

The final layer of this simple content creation framework is content that reflects the world around you and your business. This could be:

  • Trending topics on social media
  • National or world days i.e. World Mental Health Day
  • Media opportunities for you to comment on

So you see, with a simple framework for content, if you’re ever stuck for ideas you can revert back to this and look for opportunities to create content that is relevant to your audience.