The Messy Middle is Where The Customer Is Won…And Lost

We like to think the customer journey is linear.

However, research shows that consumers often get stuck in what Google calls ‘the messy middle’ – that part of the funnel where the consumer can often go AWOL for periods of time.

Unless you have a healthy supply of both brand and content assets to keep them engaged, they’re likely to drop your brand from their consideration in favour of your competitor that has what they need when they’re conducting research.

The messy middle is the space where business is won and lost. In order to win you need content that positions your brand as the authority and grows trust.

These include:

👉 Podcasts
👉 How-to videos
👉 Case studies
👉 Brand campaigns
👉 Newsletters
👉 Consistent social media
👉 Success stories
👉 Remarketing campaigns

Just because a prospect has made an enquiry, doesn’t mean they’ll become a customer.

You need to consider the messy middle as part of your strategy and ensure you have content.

Today I helped a client fulfill some of the messy middle content and interviewed and filmed a client success story video over zoom.

This video will be sliced up into 6-8 smaller videos for their social media and website.