L&D Case Study

Digital transformation and growth of a global EA/PA training company

In 2019 I started working with a leading Learning & Development business offering premium, accredited training to EAs and PAs, today they’re leading the market with a fully digital training business, offering their products to a worldwide audience.

What was the problem?

In the pre-pandemic world, Your Excellency were looking for strategy and marketing support to grow their well established training business. They knew they had to transform the business into a more digital enterprise, but needed help with the transformation.

What was the solution?

During the Covid pandemic the business made a quantum leap forward, transforming from a business offering one-to-few training to an enterprise now offering digital solutions on a one-to-many scale. With a strategy to create more digital products and market them globally, we needed to grow their audience fast.

How's it going now?

Almost five years on the business now offers all their programmes online, transitioning from a face-to-face business to one that offers their training to a global audience. In 2024  I helped them develop an industry first training subscription product, in addition to a growing bank of digital training they can sell unlimited times, improving revenue and profitability.

What marketing tactics have I helped them with?


We kicked off our relationship with a strategy session in August 2019 to develop the initial strategic direction. Since then, many strategic reviews have taken place that have served to merely adjust course where necessary. The core strategy has remained largely unchanged.


Early on I identified that in order to grow, the business needed a dedicated CRM system to manage prospects, learners and clients. In 2020 I setup and integrated ActiveCampaign with their website and back end processes. To this day, it is at the core of their business, used by the leadership team and outsourced sales resources.


In order to continually grow it’s awareness to the target market, Paid Ads have been used as a tactical channel to acquire ‘in-market’ prospects. The business has used both Google Ads and Social Ads to acquire their target audience, in the last five years their prospect database has grown by over 1000%.


I help the team manage the website day-to-day including making updates to their course pages, landing pages and technical upgrades to ensure the website functions as their shop window into their training products. 


Regularly innovating to create distinctive campaigns, assets and ideas is needed in order to drive sales of their programmes. I regularly help the team with fresh ideas and inspiration on how they can improve their offering and how it’s marketed.


As well as directly helping on a strategic and tactical level my role with the team also extends to managing outsourced talent including a VA and Sales resource. On behalf of the leadership team I manage both resources ensuring they are informed of company updates, new product development and campaigns.

"I’ve been working with Steve and his agency since the summer of 2019 when he facilitated a strategy day for us. Since then he has diligently assisted Your Excellency in executing the marketing strategy. Despite the challenges that the pandemic presented to the business in 2020 he has supported our pivot as an online virtual academy. His marketing strategies have helped us traverse the challenges of 2020 and ensure we’re prepared for further growth of the business in 2021. Steve is knowledegable, personable and has a passion for collaborative success. I recommend you contact Steve if you too want to be successful"

Malcolm Taylor, founder and co-director, Your Excellency Ltd

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