The Half Day Business Breakthrough 121

For business owners that need to unstick themselves and their business.

If you’re feeling a little bit stuck right now (and you’re not alone), the best way to unstick yourself and your business is to spend a half day with me. Having spent some time understanding what problems or challenges you have, I can help you get clarity, focus and a plan of the next steps to over come whatever has got you stuck.

How does The Business Breakthrough 121 work?

It starts with answering a few simple questions about your business so I can understand what’s happening right now and the problems you’re looking to solve. 

With questions in hand we’ll have a 30 minute video or phone call to chat through your responses. Having spoken, we’ll then arrange a follow up time and location where we can meet to talk through the problems, create a plan and the next actionable steps.

Is The Business Breakthrough 121 for me?

Having spoken to 100’s of business owners just like you, I’ve developed it with you in mind. The Business Breakthrough 121 would be ideal for you if…

  • You’re not generating enough leads for your business.
  • You’re not converting enough of your leads to booked business.
  • You’re struggling to retain your existing customers.
  • Your customers aren’t buying enough of your other services.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the options of where to market your business.
  • You are running around like a headless chicken and aren’t making enough money.
  • You’re launching a new product and service and need help.

What do I get?

Results! It’s all about the outcomes, and the outcome of spending half a day with me is results. We want to breakthrough any of the barriers you have. There’s nothing fluffy about this, I want to leave you with a clear sense of direction and next steps. This is how it’s structured:

  • Initial 30 minute call after you complete the short questionnaire
  • Initial research after our call to help with problem solving / solutions
  • Half day together to go through solutions and any other issues
  • Defined next steps in a detailed plan
  • Written notes from the initial call and workshop
  • 30 minute catch up call a two weeks after the workshop

What's the cost?

The Half Day Business Breakthrough 121 is £395 and covers all the elements above. 

If you’re a small business employing a handful of people it’ll be that price, guaranteed. For larger businesses where a half day may not be enough, you might want to look at hiring me for a Strategy Day Workshop.

Ready to get unstuck?

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