rethinking strategy

create a winning business strategy in a day workshop

Taking strategy from daunting to doable. This workshop empowers you to transform your vision into a clear, actionable one-page winning strategy and plan, setting the stage for your business's success.

Your business isn’t boring. 
And your strategy shouldn’t be either.

Rethinking Strategy

Long gone are the days when strategic planning was synonymous with cumbersome 50-page slide decks, filled to the brim with jargon and complexity.

It’s time to debunk a common myth: Strategy isn’t inherently boring or overcomplicated.

The Power of Simplicity

In reality, the most effective strategies are those that cut through the clutter.

Imagine a strategy so clear and concise that it fits on a single page – a beacon that guides every decision and action.

That’s what we aim for.

Why? Because a strategy that’s easy to understand is easy to execute.

your strategy workshop day at a glance

morning session (09.30-12.30)

Start the day by networking with your fellow strategy workshop attendees, the more everyone feels comfortable and relaxed the more creative and productive everyone will be.

afternoon session (13.00-17.00)

After a working lunch we’ll set about completing our one page winning strategy by answering the remainder of the key strategic questions that will shape your strategy.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers ticket price of £295. This will rise to £495 after 31st January 2024.

Unity place, milton keynes - Your strategy workshop venue

X+Why in Unity Place right in the heart of Milton Keynes is the PERFECT location for strategic thinking. With plenty of space, high ceilings and lots of natural light it provides the ideal environment for devising your winning strategy.

Why trust me with your strategy development?

Check out my recommendations on LinkedIn from previous clients and people I’ve worked with over the years. Here’s a few below, read the rest on my LinkedIn profile. Each person identifies key traits that make me the perfect choice for working on your strategy – creativity, ideas, strategic, honesty and enthusiastic.

Helen LamiCEO, Academic Summer
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Steve wants the best for his clients and I find working with him very refreshing as he is direct, honest and very professional. He is strategic and is great at board level to bring fresh ideas. I am happy to recommend him.
Sarah Clayton-JonesFounder, READ TO LEAD©
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Steve is utterly brilliant. He brings bags of enthusiasm, creativity and ideas, and a can-do attitude to every business challenge. He has been my right hand man in my own business, and for clients in our collective, and I wouldn't be without his performance marketing expertise and ability to make things happen and get results. He makes work fun and rewarding and keeps things real when times are tough. I highly recommend Steve for marketing that works, and a partnership that counts!
Malcolm TaylorCo-Director, Your Excellency Limited
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I’ve been working with Steve and his agency since the summer of 2019 when he facilitated a strategy day for us. Since then he has diligently assisted Your Excellency in executing the marketing strategy. Despite the challenges that the pandemic presented to the business in 2020 he has supported our pivot as an online virtual academy. His marketing strategies have helped us traverse the challenges of 2020 and ensure we’re prepared for further growth of the business in 2021. Steve is knowledgeable, personable and has a passion for collaborative success. I recommend you contact Steve if you too want to be successful
Simon EvansHealthcare Partner at WPA
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With the start of my new business SAE Healthcare Solutions I knew I would have to develop new sales channels and new routes to market different to those I was familiar with. After careful consideration I turned to Steve Mark to provide a strategy workshop. Over a day we challenged the customer segmentation, the value proposition, created avatars for target customers and developed a realistic social media strategy. I ended the day brimming with new ideas and a clearer roadmap which will stop me spinning wheels and get some real grip together with an enhanced belief in what is possible.
Michael HeppellCoach and best selling author
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I loved working with Steve for several years during his time at Autorama. He’s bright, likeable and gets the job done. We had many interesting debates where Steve showed he was open to all sides of an argument. Very much a team player with oodles of ideas to make ideas and campaigns come alive. Where I’m from we’d say ‘Top Bloke’.
Sarah HendersonFounder, Yolk Design
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Marketing professionals are ten a penny but there is only one Steve Mark. He is upfront and easy to talk to and a great relationship builder. Steve understands that effective marketing is about revenue and tracking the results. He genuinely cares about doing a great job and ensuring every client is happy and achieving the best ROI.


During the workshop I’ll be taking you through three key elements of your one page winning strategy. 

Together we’ll discuss the importance of each element, how to define them and how they will help you achieve your winning aspiration.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers workshop price of £295 inc VAT. This will rise to £495 inc VAT after 31st January 2024.

1. Defining Your Vision and Winning Aspiration

Together we’ll go through the process of defining your vision and the all important winning aspiration. 

These key elements are crucial for any successful business strategy.

By clearly defining your vision and winning aspiration, you will have a solid foundation to build upon during the workshop.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers workshop price of £295 inc VAT. This will rise to £495 inc VAT after 31st January 2024.

2. defining your one big problem to solve

Working together I’ll help you to define the one problem that’s holding your business back from success.

By defining one problem we can get really focused on coming up with a number of potential routes and help you choose which route to focus your strategy on.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers workshop price of £295 inc VAT. This will rise to £495 inc VAT after 31st January 2024.

3. Answering the Four Key Strategic Questions

In addition to defining your vision and mission and one big problem to solve, I’ll also help you answer the four key strategic questions that are essential for any winning strategy.

These questions will help you identify your target market, understand your competitive advantage, and determine the best approach for achieving your goals.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a comprehensive one-page strategy that will guide your business towards success.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers workshop price of £295 inc VAT. This will rise to £495 inc VAT after 31st January 2024.

got a question about the workshop?

The workshop is suitable for business owners and startups as well as leadership level team members that have a role to play in defining a companies strategy. If you’re starting up or recently started a new business you’ll get huge value from the content of this workshop as it will help you define a simple, clear winning strategy to help get you launched successfully.
The workshop is centred around giving you some powerful strategic tools to help you create strategic solutions for any problems in your business. Once you learn the framework you can apply this in your business to overc ome problems. By the end of the workshop you’ll not only have created your own one page winning strategy, you’ll have the knowledge to apply it in the future.

I’ve created the workshop structure to firstly educate you on the need for strategy in your business and the importance of strategic thinking. Each part of the workshop starts with learning then how to apply your learning to your one page strategy template that will be provided at the start of the workshop. Together we’ll go through each of the key elements so you have an understanding of their role, then how to implement it.

We’ll have regular breaks during the day to make sure you stay refreshed, hydrated and alert in order to maximise your creative thinking. During the day you’ll have the opportunity to work in small groups and learn from your fellow workshop attendees.

There’ll be a small quiz to complete prior to the workshop, this will help me understand a little more about your business and what you want to accomplish from attending the workshop. I will also ask you to think about problems in your business that you’d like to develop a strategy around. This will accelerate your learning on the day and mean we can make the most of the time we have.

We have a stunning room lined up for you in the heart of Milton Keynes. Included in the day will be light snacks, lunch, tea and coffee. You’ll also get your own workbook and one page winning strategy template to take away. You’ll also have access to your cohort on the day in an exclusive WhatsApp group to continue the conversation and deepen your connections.


Book your place now and lock in your early bookers workshop price of £295 inc VAT. This will rise to £495 inc VAT after 31st January 2024.