global training business enjoys 58% growth in revenue year on year

Read our latest case study on how we’re helping grow a global specialist training business and helped to deliver a 58% upturn in revenue in Q2 of 2022 year on year.

Your Excellency Limited Client Case Study

Like lots of businesses faced with the challenges of a pandemic, Your Excellency had to quickly pivot their strategy in March of 2020 to a virtual training business, having operated delivering face-to-face training for over a decade before.

We have been working together since August 2019, helping the founders grow their business, initially assisting with adapting the strategy to cope with delivering virtual training, and latterly helping build the business through growing prospects and increasing sales.

The client challenges

Who are Your Excellency Ltd? Co-founder and director Lindsay Taylor explains.

We started working with Your Excellency Ltd in August 2019 when we hosted a strategy workshop day to understand the key challenges in their business, and what had been working well.

Despite a robust strategy as a result of the workshop, this all changed in March 2020 when the pandemic hit their business, changing their key challenges almost overnight to:

Our approach was to take a short and long term strategic view

Watch Lindsay talk about how we work together on strategy in a consultative manner.

With lots of training budgets frozen in the corporate world, and everyone adapting to the new ways of working the business had to be patient and adapt the strategy to ensure its survival first and foremost, but also that it would emerge stronger post pandemic.

We devised a strategy that took both a short term and long term approach.

The latter being vital to ensure the business emerged strongest in its market for when the training landscape settled.

By growing an audience long term this has given Your Excellency Ltd the ability to emerge much stronger, having built and more importantly carefully nurtured the prospects with valuable content.

Key project deliverables

Lindsay Taylor explains the importance of ROI to their business and how we help deliver on it.

Success is measured on many levels, with ROI being the main north star of everything we do. We do also take pride in building the brand and helping to deliver on our clients’ promises to their customers.

Since 2020 we have helped Your Excellency Ltd grow and achieved the following results:

Client feedback videos

Lindsay talks podcasts, product launches and business strengths

The importance of hiring a marketing expert to help

How we've helped to exceed Your Excellency's service expectations

What's been really important to Your Excellency to help you succeed?

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