Thought Leader Accelerator

Grow your personal influence and business brand by becoming an industry thought leader. Accelerator Programme from £1200 per month

Who is the Thought Leader Accelerator for?

The Thought Leader Accelerator will help a range of professions start leading in their industry, including:

How will the Thought Leader Accelerator help you?

The Thought Leader Accelerator will arm you with the strategies and tools to:

Why work me to grow your industry thought leadership?

With my extensive experience as a Marketing Consultant and a proven history of helping SME leaders excel, I offer a personalised approach that combines innovative marketing strategies and deep industry knowledge to tackle your specific challenges.

What's included in the Thought Leader Accelerator Programme?

initial WORKSHOP

I will facilitate a two-hour kick-off session to help you agree on your goals, audience, value proposition, and positioning in your market and develop your story together.


After the workshop I’ll create a concise and easy to follow one page strategy outlining our agreed key objectives, target audience, and tactics for your thought leadership success.

LinkedIn audit & reporT

Comprehensive analysis of your LinkedIn presence with recommendations for optimisation and growth.


Strategic plan to expand your network and engage with relevant industry professionals.


A tailored approach to creating and distributing valuable content that positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

newsletter creation

Develop a compelling newsletter to share insights and build a loyal following.

monthly video review calls

Regular check-ins to assess progress, make adjustments, and ensure alignment with goals.

"Steve is utterly brilliant. He brings bags of enthusiasm, creativity and ideas, and a can-do attitude to every business challenge. He has been my right hand man in my own business, and for clients in our collective, and I wouldn't be without his performance marketing expertise and ability to make things happen and get results"

Sarah Clayton-Jones, Founder of READ TO LEAD® (Client since 2021)